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The OverDrone Comix

Political Meanderings

11/27/08 10:07 pm - on hiatus for the holidays

I am working on something else for a while, something larger and more involved. I finally got my wacom tablet hooked up to my photoshop so I have been dicking around with that as well. Experimenting with the color options as seen below.

Honestly to me it seems over saturated. I should really tone it down some.

11/16/08 11:18 pm - Cyber-Prez

So, the first youtube president. How will that go I wonder?
What's that, you haven't seen any of the Unicorn Kingdom Club videos? go here, and here.
I submitted the strip to my local alt-weekly paper, the Rock River Times. They tastefully declined. Oh well, it woulda cramped my style anyway. What? No, of course I'm not crying, it's just a speck dammit!

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